The Snowmites are seven furry creatures who lives on a magical iceberg. They were created by Zandeer, the beautiful Spirit of Children, when she combined her magical powers with the Mysterious Crystal of Life. Each of the Snowmites have a different colour of fur and is named after the precious gem which is the same colour as their fur.
The Snowmites are Aqua, Fluo, Topaz, Jasper, Turquo, Gyp and Jadea.
Aqua has dark blue fur just like the precious gem aquamarine. Fluo has purple fur which is the same colour as the gem fluorite. Topaz is the sleepy one. He has yellow fur, so he is named after the yellow-coloured gem topaz. Jasper has red fur, and he is named after the precious gem jasper. Turquo has light blue fur just like the precious gem turquoise. Jadea has green fur just like the gem Jade. Lastly, there is Gyp. Gyp is often called little Gyp because he is the smallest Snowmite. Sometimes, Gyp feels he is different from the other Snowmites because he is named after a crystal and not a gem. The crystal he is named after is called gypsum. But Gyp isn’t really different because, just like all the other Snowmites, his heart is full of love and kindness.
The Snowmites have lots of adventures together on their magical iceberg. But the one thing they love doing more than anything else is visiting the real children of the world. Upon their enchanting iceberg there is a magical Crystal Forest and hanging from the sparkling branches of the trees are tiny Crystal Keys. These are very special keys because each one belongs to the heart of a real child When a child’s key glows in Crystal Forest, the Snowmites can go and visit them in Magic Dreams