In Autumn 1987 an album was released simply entitled The Christians it still remains Island Records highest selling debut album of any artist today.    The hit singles kept coming throughout 1988 “Forgotten Town”, “Hooverville”, “When the Fingers Point”, “Ideal World” and “Born Again” and it seemed like album was played in every household throughout the country.  Their second album COLOUR stayed at Number One long enough to knock off Phil Collins off the top and like the debut album also achieved double platinum status on sales .  They recorded two Charity singles – an incredibly successful cover of Harvest for the World which is still played more often than the Isley Brothers and a collaboration with Paul McCartney and Holly Johnson for the Hillsborough families ‘Ferry Across the Mersey’ (you can pick out Garrys soulfoul tones throughout)
30 plus years later and still fronted by the enigmatic Garry Christian who the Daily Mirror quoted him as having ‘one of the finest voices you will hear’ the band are still looking and sounding better than ever and are touring the UK and throughout Europe with their back catalogue and new material which include some beautifully haunting & melodic new songs written by Garry Christian and bandmember of 10 years Joey Ankrah.
There are so many ‘anthems of the 80s and 90s’ which belong to The Christians .. Words, Father and many more –
Like TalkTalk .. sometimes the titles are difficult to remember but when you hear the songs you are immediately transported back to a happier era  … one when popstars were real stars and album sales were in the millions.
Catch them live and find out why Chris Evans said ‘it was the best gig I’ve ever been to’