Shakatak have enjoyed a level of success and career longevity rarely paralleled in contemporary music but then Shakatak is a particularly unusual group. Because of the nature of their music their fan base is far reaching while always retaining an ‘underground’ element. This paradox see the band, who are known primarily as serious musicians, enjoying both high cult status and instant recognition as a household name.

After a number of successful singles in the UK the band scored unprecedented international success with the release of the classic album ‘Night Birds’ and the title track has become a standard in the popular music repertoire. This success was repeated with the hit ‘Down On The Street’ and the award winning video established the bands personnel of Bill Sharpe, Jill Saward, Keith Winter, George Anderson and Roger Odell.

Along with this successful recording career, Shakatak is now regarded as a vibrant and entertaining live act, combining astute musicianships with a sense of fun that communicates strongly with world-wide audiences.