Throughout her life she was surrounded by all genres of music, from reggae and jazz to blues and funk. With a DJ as a father and a soul insane older sister, she really had little choice and she soon became familiar with every rare groove and soul track well before her years.

At the age of sixteen Natasha teamed up with Roame Lowrey (percussionist with Maze and Frankie Beverley) and he took Natasha under his wing and across the Atlantic to experience recording and help nurture and develop her talent as a young recording artist.Whilst in the States Natasha worked in a stage musical and performed with Kirk Franklyn and the Family. Although this was the embryonic stages of her career, it transpired to be fruitful period in both her talent and development and the inspiration she received from her then musical peers coaxed her down different musical avenues, discovering a new found love for gospel and organic R&B. Natasha’s stay in the United States coincided with the arrival of her son Taylor and subsequently music for once had to take a back seat….but this was far from the end of her musical expedition!

Having always credited her mother, Sandra as her inspiration and in 2008 the woman who moulded Natasha’s soul and direction, passes away. Yet, through this distressing and heart-breaking period, comes the life affirming ‘Time to Shine’, to this day, still Natasha’s favourite number due to the deeply personal resonance behind it.

Natasha exploded on to the UK soul scene with her explosive voice with ‘Show Me’ after her first collaboration with Cool Million – featured on the Cool Million III album, which was rapidly followed up with the summer smash of 2012 ‘Back 2 U’ with producer Ric Atari – available on the Soul Seed Vol 1 album, supported with a sleek promo to match the silky tones.

The last few years have seen Natasha in demand more than ever for her vocal talents and vivacious on stage presence and many well-respected producers have elicited her formidable talents as well as various fellow contemporary songwriters and bands from Reel People, Speedometer on Freestyle Records, various tracks on Purple Music  NervousRecords, Vaga Records Tribe Music Duff Note Groove Odessy  Barcoda and most recently as the main vocalist on a forthcoming Yam Who? EP( Downtown Diva )  on the cutting edge record label ISM Records.