Bearing an uncanny resemblance and with the voice to match, Chris Perry brings to life, one of Britain’s finest singer/songwriters, with a tribute to the fabulous Phil Collins.

All the musical arrangements are as close and true to the original recordings, and brought to life with a state of the art sound system, complimented with a fantastic programmed lighting show using the latest LED technology, with specially made banners & backdrops, as well as a ‘live’ camera feed that is used for audience shots, giving it a unique atmosphere where the audience feel like they are involved too!

A major feature is the video projection system that syncs up the videos to Chris’s vocals for each individual track, making it a unique audio/visual experience.
The songs are arranged to include some of Phil’s greatest hits from the last two decades, as well as a medley of songs from the fantastic GENESIS !.
Lovers of Phil Collins & Genesis will be taken on an authentic musical journey that encapsulates the incredible body of work that they both have produced, and all in a fabulous celebration of this wonderful genre of music.

Phil is also a particular musical hero of Chris’, so the “In The Air Tribute Show” is definitely a labour of love and this surely shows in the performance, the content of the show and the stage production.

A fabulous tribute to a fabulous Artist.